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We need your donations to help us in our campaign to stop mandated shunning

We are an educational charity made up of volunteers. Many are sharing professional skills and knowledge. We are all committed to ending the inhumane break-up of families and friends because of shunning.

Your donation today or a regular donation will support our legal challenge to mandated shunning. It will help us convince governments and the legal community about the scope and magnitude of this unnecessary and hateful problem. It will help us work through the legal challenges in numerous countries to reach the highest courts. It will support change so families and friends are free of the inevitable emotional, mental and physical harm caused by ostracism.

Your donation supports the legal battle

There are several European court cases underway that will prosecute either a specified high control group, or will set a legal precedent that mandated shunning is a crime. We are seeking to fund cases with the ICC in the Hague and the European Court of Human Rights.